Catching some sunshine while it’s -4 ☀️❄️

Mac Studio

Wet Mac 🌧️


Jony Ive, Laurene Powell Jobs and Tim Cook at Code 2022

Chasing bubbles 🫧

Posting a note from Shortcuts

Mac sat by a roadside watching the cars go by Watching the world (mainly the cars) go by.

Mac sat in a field with his tongue hanging out after a good run next to an old tree stump Quick lunchtime walk 🚶

One-click restore most recent backup of a file from Time Machine

Often I want to restore the latest version of a file from Time Machine, but using the Time Machine interface to do so is awkward and slow. So I came up with my own solution that can be triggered from the Finder context menu of any file.

Refusing to move but looking cute while doing it.

Gardening 👨‍🌾


Stand your ground.